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WebAudit360 Overview

Discover the Power of WebAudit360


Catalog your company’s digital properties

  • Seamlessly track owners, content owners, and essential metadata like language, region, tags, type, and important dates
  • Simplify ownership assignment when necessary
  • Categorize sites with labels such as Ads, Campaign, and Legal


Continously monitor your properties’ health

  • Periodic scans and reports
  • Conduct periodic scanning and generate insightful reports
  • Receive prompt email notifications when health status changes

Website Report

Gain a holistic view of your website’s health

  • Track essential metrics across multiple categories: accessibility, discoverability, freshness, performance, and security
  • Highlights errors, warnings, and other faults found on all pages
  • On-demand scans and reports
  • Stay informed with email notifications regarding health changes
  • Manage thousands of pages per website efficiently
  • Assess your website’s overall health grade
  • Visualize your website with helpful screenshots

Ecosystem Report

Unveil your complete digital ecosystem

  • Obtain a detailed picture of your company’s digital landscape
  • Get an historical view of your company’s digital landscape
  • Analyze data with the ability to slice, dice, and filter by various dimensions such as owners, tags, vendor, and more
  • Easily search by URL, name, and other metadata attributes

Custom Audits

Tailor audits to your specific needs

  • Create custom ad-hoc audits with ease
  • Use custom criteria to match HTML, plain text, and headers
  • Target all sites or a subset
  • Assess selected pages or entire website landscape
  • Configure the audit report

Why Choose WebAudit360?

Discover how WebAudit360 can be your invaluable companion across various scenarios:

For Marketing Leaders

Wondering how many websites your company manages?

  • Easily find out by accessing the ecosystem dashboard.

Need to pinpoint the owner of a specific website with reported issues?

  • Search for the site name, click on site details, and discover the owner.

Concerned about your websites’ speed?

  • Check the trending performance line chart on the ecosystem dashboard.

Want to identify which websites are costly to maintain?

  • Open the websites view, add a cost column, and sort accordingly.

Looking for websites with low traffic?

  • Open the websites view, add a page views column, and sort to find out.

Curious about the content age of your websites?

  • Simply sort by AVG Content Age in the websites view.

Changing your brand name? Find out which sites and pages need updates.

  • Create a custom audit to identify content with the old brand name or logo.

Dealing with a deprecated service?

  • Create a custom audit to identify pages using the deprecated service, inform website owners, and track progress.

Transitioning away from a vendor?

  • Filter the websites view by vendor.

For Engineering

Here are a few scenarios where you may be into, and here is how WebAudit360 can help you.

A critical vulnerability was found in a library, a technical person said we should update all websites that have this issue.

  • After getting a consensus, create a custom audit to find sites using the particular library version. Contact the site owners to update the affected library. Run a new audit snapshot to see how many sites with the issue are left.

For Brands

Protect Your Reputation

  • Your brand’s reputation is paramount. Ensure your digital properties comply with accessibility laws like ADA, mitigate the risk of lawsuits, and proactively identify and address security vulnerabilities. Preserve your brand’s integrity.

Streamline Updates

  • Changing logos or branding? WebAudit360 allows you to efficiently find which sites and pages need updates. Don’t let outdated content tarnish your image.

Optimize User Experience

  • Maintain the quality of your user experience. Identify and fix issues like slow load times, broken links, and accessibility challenges before they impact your audience.

Efficiency Matters

  • We understand that time is money. Our platform offers custom ad-hoc audits, saving you valuable time and resources. Monitor and audit your digital properties at scale with ease.

Agency Support

  • For agencies managing clients’ digital properties, WebAudit360 helps you deliver top-notch results. Detect and resolve issues before your client’s website goes live, ensuring a satisfied customer.

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